Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Less Successful Alcovian Troop Types

I saw this picture online and immediately it struck me as one of those things too crazy to field seriously in miniatures, but just wacky enough that it might bear (yes, a pun) some merit in modelling just for fun. I even came up with an amusing little blurb about them...

In a flight of fanciful folly, the Kuzaki warlord Ignov The Bold (named not for his bravery but rather the bravado of his personal odor) experimented with bolstering his shock cavalry by using bear, normally trained as circus performers by Romani gypsies, to ride on the backs of horses. Though the bear themselves performed admirably, leaping from the backs of the horses to savage Ignov's enemies, his own forces were rendered paralyzed by laughter at such an absurd sight.

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