Thursday, March 29, 2012

First Set of Rules to Try

Thanks to a friend of mine, I have been provided with a fun set of black powder era rules, "Muskets and Mohawks". I received these rules without any specific advanced information on the system. I do have some knowledge of some of Two Hour Wargames other games but only their skirmish scale rules.

Initial scans of the rules show it to be very flexible and easily customized for use in imagination settings. Though the rules are written with the FIW in mind, the rules for classifying troop capabilities through descriptive abilities such as ferocious, militia, civilian, etc.. This is easily transferred to other settings and, in fact, 2HW has even provided quick lists, special rules, and army lists for various other black powder eras. This pretty much makes these rules to imagi-nation gamers or folks who want to cover a lot of ground but don't want to learn many different systems.

I hope to get a few units on the table soon so I can take these rules out for a spin.


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