Friday, April 6, 2012

Adding a Little Color

Along with his decision to try to form a more regular modern army out of the various warlord bands and household units of his people, King Ullo also thought it important to do away with the traditional religious and tribal pennants, standard and ragged banners that often characterized the massed forces of Alcovia. In their place would be proper national army colors, showing that loyal regiments were willing to put the betterment of their nation ahead of any other loyalties.

Still, as Alcovia was to be a nation bound together, it was also important to maintain some of the strong, traditional images and heraldic symbols of Alcovia's past. To this end the regimental flag of Alcovia would bear the black wolf of King Ullo over the traditional sword of the majority of the tribes of the Alcovian steppes. Guard Regiments and the King's Colors would bear an Imperial crown with the Guard colors having the black wolf in the four corners.

King's Colors

Regimental Colors

Guard Colors 

King's Own Guards

These banners were made to order by the very talented Bill McHenry and I feel the end results were well worth it. He's an incredibly great guy and worked with me all the way which was no easy thing considering I am mostly ignorant about the military of the 18th C.. I'll be going back to him for all my banner needs in the future and he's currently working on some banners for some of King Ullo's family and some tribal banners.

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