Thursday, December 8, 2011

An Alcovian War Elephant?

I have this idea for Alcovia having war elephants. I know it's a crazy idea for a Balkan nation to have such a thing, but this is an imagi-nation. While exploring this idea, I focused on the later Mogul war elephants. their armored bodies and gun powder weapons were a suitable starting place for an Alcovian war elephant.

The images I found online for armored elephants were very cool and I had an image of such a creature decked out in Orthodox icons and other images from eastern Christian religion. This would effectively make the war elephants not only amazing pieces of art, but also mobile inspiration altars full of religious imagery. I can see them being crewed by loyal Alcovians, hand-picked by King Ullo to carry his muskets and swivel guns into battle, charging into the masses of native steppe horsemen in the name of bringing unity and order to a wild land.

Above is a quick sketch illustrating my impression of what an Alcovian war elephant might look like.

For a miniature, I figure I'll start with any one of several armored elephant miniatures from various Mogul lines. Chances are, I'll use a few different ones for variety. I'll convert these by added flat placards for the addition of icons. Other holy symbols and such can be added to taste. To protect the mahout, I am considering adding a sort of halo around the top of the elephant's head. I've seen similar on some Mogul war elephants, but mine will be done to resemble the golden halos frequently seen over or around the heads of saints in statues and art.



  1. Thank you both. Now if i can only keep this from being nothing but a dream :)