Saturday, November 26, 2011

Possible Infantry Uniform for Alcovia

I realize that this is a Renneisance era Russian Streltsy but I find this particular soldier looks remarkably 18th C. just the same. As Alcovia is a backward part of the world and also striving to create a national identity for itself, falling back to a regionally distinct type of uniform like this would make a bit of sense for King Ullo.


Right now I am trying to find suitable miniatures for them and have received several leads from other extremely helpful 18th C. imagi-nation enthusiasts. I must say that I am very grateful for their assistance.

As much as I like the sculpts and their casts, I think Old Glory's Eastern Ren. is out of the running and Essex seems to be the leader in my search. They already have an extensive newer range of Eastern Ren. minis including Streltsy (unfortunately no image on their site). By going with Essex I open up a lot more possibilities for cross compatible ranges. Essex are closer to true 15mm and mix well with Freikorps, Lancashire, Peter Pig and Irregular.

One step closer to putting metal on the table!


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  1. Looks like just another Trans Syldavian bandit :)

    (Will paint one with those colours now)