Monday, July 11, 2011

What Miniatures to Use?

The troops of Alcovia are going to look different than most troops of the 1700s. I plan for them to look rather wild and irregular for the most part, being pulled from various tribal factions. To this end I plan to draw from various lines of Cossacks and Poles used as allied or auxiliary troops by the more "civilized" nations of the world.

As I plan to use 15mm, I can also draw from figures from the Eastern Renaissance period. At this scale, the discrepancies in firearms won't be quite as obvious and in many cases older style firearms might be better suited. There are several sources for 15mm figures that would work for Alcovia and I plan to draw from most of them to one extent or another. I may not be able to mix all of them in the same unit, but I see no reason that I cannot place them in units of their own.

There are a few basic rules that define my concept for Alcovia's armies. Some may seem a bit antithetic in regard to 18th century gaming, but it's my imagi-nation and I have a visions that includes -
  1. No tricorns, mitre or other "civilized" hats.
  2. Uniforms should remain simple and rustic whenever possible.
Old Glory
Old Glory has an excellent range of Eastern Renaissance minis in 15mm. This range includes a wide variety of Cossacks and Polish Commonwealth troops that would easily make good figures for the King's own army.

Old Glory also does SYW Cossacks as well. These figures, though from a later period are not that far removed from their Renaissance antecedents. Other SYW figures that might be useful would be Pandurs who might well make for good royal troops in the kings army. SYW hussars might do for some more elite royal cavalry, though the fancy jackets may have to be converted into bear or wolf skins.

Though I am not a fan of Essex's style, they do have a nice range of SYW and Eastern Ren. Minis that might be recruited. My main concern is that Essex tend to be on the smaller size of the 15mm scale.

There are some nice Cossacks in this line. A couple of variations including infantry.

This Polish figure line has some amazing stuff for the Eastern Ren.. Everything from Cossacks, to Tartars, to Poles are included in wonderful detail and some very interesting character. They might cost me a pretty penny but I really do want to order at least a few.

Blue Moon Manufacturing
Though there are not a lot of furry hats in Blue Moon's line yet, they are a rapidly expanding line and I have no doubt they will have more. Right now they have some Cossacks in their Great Northern War and SYW lines.

Battle Honours
Battle Honours has very little to offer this period, though there are some Cossacks in their French Revolution line.

Though there range is extensive, they really don't have too much that will fit this project, though there are a few minis in their SYW line and possibly in others that might be pressed into service.

With a range too huge to not have something useful, I think that I'll mine Irregular's lines for suitable figs. Their quality concerns me, but my experience with their product has been mostly good.

Keep in mind this is just an initial recon of the various lines out there. As I sample and purchase, I'll post more specifics, but for now I have a direction to look in.

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  1. Have you looked at the "tartar allies" in various renaissance Turkish ranges. Some look a lot like C18 Russian Kalmucks, and IIRC (its been a while) could be painted in a very "furry" look.

    I plan to use something similar (in 10mm) for the horse of His Grace's Alcovian bodyguard.

  2. I have indeed looked into these ally units and some of them will appear as auxilliary troops in Alcovian armies or as enemies (dual purpose!).

    I'm thrilled to hear that Alcovian troops will be showing up in other imagi-nations. Can't wait to see them.