Sunday, July 10, 2011

Welcome to Alcovia, C. 1750s

Any of you who may have been following my exploits in blogging will already be familiar with the name, Alcovia. Alcovia is an imagi-nation, like many others, but it is one that is dear to me enough to have been carried throughout the history of the world as we know or, more accurately, might have known it.

Alcovia began as a country to be used in the 19th century for various sorts of colonial and Victorian science fiction games. It then took on a new role as a nation to be used during the Interbellum where it became a nation with enemies and its own eye on expansion. More recently it has been the scene for my ventures into modern warfare with the 21st century version of Alcovia broken by a civil war. Naturally when I got to thinking about 18th century gaming, Alcovia seemed a place to look once more.

For my 18th century endeavors, I decided that I would go back into Alcovia's past to where to kingdom was born. This will allow me to collect and use a variety of different figures from various Balkan, Eastern European, and Near Eastern sources. Battles will likely start small, limited to tribe on tribe conflict as Alcovia's new, self-made king seeks to unify the various peoples into a nation state. Later on, once the collection has grown, and with it the size of the nation's army, I can look at having Alcovia face off against outside enemies such as Iqenistan (another imagi-nation).

One last note, I am brand new to 18th century wargaming and have not spent much time on this period. I am not an expert or even a buff, but I thought it would be fun. I'm sure I'll make some mistakes along the way, but ultimately it's about the fun and I hope you will forgive any blatant trespasses against the period.

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  1. *Great* to see the Sleeping Wolf awakening!

    Maybe the centuries-old association of Alcovia with wolves is rooted more deeply than most think...